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30th November 2021
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OIL-FREE AIR: Pure air should not cost the earth

For applications where clean, pure air is critical, you need technology you can trust.

Manufacturers from the food and beverage to pharmaceutical sectors rely 100% on oil-free air to ensure their products are safe for consumption. As one of the world’s most experienced compressed air specialists, our team of engineers designs, develops, installs and maintains high-quality oil-free compressed air systems and solutions globally. 

At BOGE, we understand your requirements and will deliver the safest and most economical solutions to achieve ‘Class 0’ oil-free air and optimum energy efficiency as well as a return on your capital investment.

BOGE bluekat Converter

Our bluekat technology is ideal when you need guaranteed oil‑free compressed air for highly sensitive applications in the food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic and chemical industries. Air is efficiently, reliably and cost effectively compressed then passed through an integrated converter where catalytic material oxidises hydrocarbons to water and carbon dioxide.

Once the compressed air has passed through the converter it is completely free from oil, bacteria and silicates and no residues are left over so no further cleaning, servicing or treatment is required. The oil content of the air complies with ISO Class 0 certified as per ISO 8573‑1.

The bluekat Converter is the safest, most effective and economical way to produce totally oil-free compressed air.

Find your oil-free compressor

bluekat Converter

100% oil-free
Safety with cost savings

bluekat Compressors

7.5 – 13 bar
Drive power 30 – 45 kW

Scroll Compressors

8 – 10 bar
Drive power 4 – 22kW

Screw Compressors

7.5 – 10 bar
Drive power 30 – 355 kW

Piston Compressors

8 – 40 bar
Drive power 0.75 – 11 kW

Turbo Compressors

2 – 4 bar
Drive power 110 – 220 kW


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