Can you achieve oil-free compressed air without oil-free compressors?

Throughout manufacturing, a vast amount of industrial applications depend on 100% oil-free compressed air where even the slightest trace of oil could have a serious impact on the products and consequently, the health and safety of the end users. It’s always been believed that either oil-free screw compressors or expensive filtration devices are the only option for this purpose; And the results? Low efficiencies and high costs.

In traditional compressors, oil is injected into the compression chamber as a sealing and cooling medium. Oil-free compressed air is absolutely indispensable in the pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor or food as well as in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

There were only two possibilities of oil-free compressed air production: either the use of an oil-free screw compressor, which meant a significantly higher compression temperature, a correspondingly lower efficiency and higher leakage losses – or multi-stage filtration of the compressed air from traditional compressors resulting in additional energy and maintenance costs and the absence of a 100 percent safety guarantee.

Compressor efficiency and safety thanks to catalyst technology
At last, this isn’t the case anymore. The BOGE bluekat screw compressor range with its integrated converter offers a new and significantly more efficient option that can be used without limitation for all applications that depend on Class 0 oil-free compressed air.

BOGE bluekat compressors are based on the highly efficient screw compressors of the S series – with traditional oil injection. The innovative highlight: a converter is integrated directly after the compression stage serving to oxidise the oil contained in the compressed air into carbon dioxide and water. The purified air has no residual oil, or silica important in paint spraying applications and is also bacteria free.

Content of less than 0.01 mg/m3 and is therefore considered to be absolutely oil-free compressed air. This is an outstanding result which is achieved independently of the quality of the intake air: the converter also serves to even reliably transform oil loaded intake air into oil-free air.

Advantages of using a converter to achieve oil-free air
Compared to external downstream converters the integrated converter feature of the BOGE bluekat compressors offers quite a number of advantages: it is more efficient and helps save while eliminating expensive condensate disposal at the same time. And in comparison, with downstream compressed air treatment, it requires less maintenance and offers greater peace of mind.

The models in the new BOGE bluekat series are intended to cover the 30 and 37 kW performance classes and produce 3.71 – 5.01 m3/min oil-free compressed air at 8, 10 or 13 bar. A variant with a frequency-controlled drive is also available.

Further, an external range of stand alone converters are also available and can be fitted to any existing Oil Flooded Screw Compressor, with flow rates up to 32.4m3/min, providing the same benefits as the integrated version.

For those interested in the product; additional information on this series and further details on the BOGE bluekat concept are available. Give us a call and we can talk about the quality of air you need and how best to achieve it.

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