Meet the BOGE Team

There are plenty of friendly faces at BOGE and while they may be in different corners of the country, they have one thing in common: their passion for BOGE air compressors.

It’s why they chose to work here and why we love to celebrate our talented team.

You’ve probably chatted to Neil Gibson or Saru Sekar about a complex project. You may have debated with Dave Ewan the technical details of BOGE provis 3 or BOGE connect, or talked to Ashleigh in accounts about suppliers. Whoever you see or chat with, the team will always go above and beyond. Do you know why? Because they genuinely care! So, if you didn’t know them already, here are just a few of the friendly folks at BOGE UK.

If you want to get to know more of our incredible team, please drop us a line. And if you want to join our team, we’d love to meet you too. Contact us here.

Dave Ewan

Technical Services Manager

Nothing happens without coffee, so you will rarely see Dave without his BOGE thermal mug and a cuppa joe! Dave oversees technical support, training, warranty management and controls and says: “Working here means a wide variety of challenges on a daily basis, so there’s never a dull moment. That combined with the great attitude to find solutions to the challenges we face, make it a really rewarding role. I’m looking forward to the full roll out of BOGE connect. It should hugely cut down on unplanned downtime for customers, and unscheduled callouts for service providers.”

Chris Spivey

Service Technician

Chris’s role is to carry out services, handle breakdowns, installs and commissioning across the full range of BOGE products and he loves the variety of challenges a week can bring. He says: “Very rarely are two weeks the same with different customers, sites and machines all needing different things.” He adds: “Like the default taxi driver question. ‘What time are you on till?’ ‘Been busy?’  I feel the default question asked to all service engineers is, ‘How long you going to be?’…”.

Chris…how long are you going to be?

Sam Rocchio

Apprentice Service Engineer

Sam loves a good laugh and would happily shoot the breeze with Jack Whitehall, Russell Howard and James Acaster. But he takes his role as an engineer seriously and is passionate about delivering an outstanding service. Sam says: “Customers often ask about the various products that we offer and want more information about how they are beneficial.

Our sales team look after the customers and supply them with everything they need for an initial set up, but sometimes there are changes to the customer’s requirements, resulting in them needing additional equipment. I’m so excited about BOGE connect – this will modernise the way we are able to monitor the running, breakdowns, and management of our compressors around the UK.”

Tom Burton

Sales Manager, UK & Ireland

He loves his golf, he loves his cricket, in fact, he just loves his sport. But Tom has hardly had time over the last couple of years with a house move, a wedding and a promotion, as he now manages sales for all of the UK and Ireland. He’s one of those guys, you know you can rely on no matter the time or day.  He is so passionate about BOGE, that if you do get a round of golf with him, he’ll be discussing his latest project. He says: I’m hoping to enjoy plenty of success with the team this year and that extends to all of our distributors & partners. His favourite BOGE product is the S-4 range. He says: “It’s an extremely reliable product which suits most applications and can be adapted to suit the client’s needs. It also keeps the service engineers happy with the ease of the servicing!”

Daniel Powell

Distribution Sales Manager

Family man, Danny, is also a bit of an action man. He’s currently doing his Mountain Leader training as well as completing his FA coaching course to continue coaching his kids at their football clubs. When Danny’s not up a mountain or pitch-side, he’s looking after his distribution partners across the North of England, Scotland and Ireland. In no uncertain terms, Danny, like his idols, Peter Kay and Jeremy Clarkson, is direct. He says about his favourite BOGE product: “Hp Boosters, – small, compact and robust, a real workhorse. Simple and honest piece of kit.” Enough said.

Saru Sekar

Business Development Manager

If Saru was holding a dinner party, you’d find an eclectic bunch around the table! He’d invite Keanu Reeves, Ian Wright and Anthony Bourdain. He’d want to tap into their physical and mental well-being and would probably solve the world’s problems. That’s Saru. He has time for everyone and everything. He also loves that about his team as he says: “At BOGE, we have fantastic people and it’s incredible to see how far the team go to resolve a situation.”

Ian Svenson

Financial Controller

Ian might look like a financial controller and maybe talks like one (sometimes), but the man has soul and completely diverse interests! He loves a bit of Gladys Knight and he’d happily sit down with a good Stephen King novel or watch a game of baseball in his spare time. But do you know what he’d want more than anything else? Peace. We are lucky to have such a great financial controller at the helm with his quiet, steady and calm approach to keeping the business on track.

Mark Whitmore

General Manager

I’m sure everyone knows Mark. He is the undisputed king of motivation and as General Manager of BOGE UK, Mark’s spent more than 25 years working in the compressed air industry both in the UK and overseas. It’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about air compressors. His experience and wealth of industry knowledge has seen him grow the BOGE business over the last 10 years since he joined in 2011, including the distribution network ensuring a nationwide local sales and service presence. Mark’s a big fan of holidaying in the USA and has visited many times but when he’s not in the office or travelling to see partners, you might find him swimming at the Anglesey coast – whatever the weather!

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