BOGE Oil-free Scroll Compressors

The scroll compressor range: for super-quiet, oil-free air in compact workspaces.

Our range of oil-free scroll compressors operate with 100% oil-free compression, delivering Class 0 pure air. For noise sensitive working environments such as dentists, hospitals and labs, the low vibration and ultra-quiet noise levels mean the EO scroll compressor range provides an ideal solution.  

Pressure range:  
8 - 10  bar 

Drive power: 
4 - 22  kW

Free air delivery: 
0.3 - 2.5  m³/min 

Ultra-quiet option

Scroll Compressor EO Series up to 5.5 kW

Scroll Compressor EO...TR up to 11 kW

Scroll Compressor EO 8 up to 16.5 kW

Scroll Compressors EO Series 16.5 up to 22 kW

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